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Employers: Digital Badges on 3RNET

Employers: Digital Badges on 3RNET

FAQs for safety net employers on how digital badges work on 3RNET.org

3RNET + Digital Badges 

Digital badges provide an easy way for health professionals to share professional development skills they have achieved. They are a verifiable representation of an award, accomplishment, or skill acquisition. Digital badges serve as digital proof of an individual’s competencies. 

By adding a digital badge to a 3RNET profile, health professionals can share with you the digital badges that verify their credentials. 

How are digital badges used on 3RNET?

The digital badges a health professional adds to their 3RNET profile allows you to view and verify the additional skills and experience that individual has obtained. You can click on the badge to learn more about that specific credential. 

What digital badges are available on 3RNET?

3RNET currently offers two digital badge options to be added to a 3RNET profile: AHEC SCHOLARS and CRHCP CERTIFICATION. Both credentials add knowledge, skills, and experience specific to safety net facilities in rural and underserved communities. You can learn more about each of these credentials here.

You may see language on 3RNET referring to these digital badges as ‘safety net credentials’, since we support digital badges that offer knowledge and skills specific to the safety net facilities that use 3RNET.

Why use digital badges?

Digital badges provide more context and details than traditional credentials to the knowledge, skills, and competencies a health professional has earned.  

Make sure to keep an eye out for health professionals with AHEC Scholar or CRCHP Certification digital badges added to their 3RNET profiles!