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Heidi Peirce

Nebraska 3RNET Network Coordinator

Tel: 402-471-0148

“We are very fortunate for a state with a population of just under two million to have two medical schools and two dental schools. We treasure our health care professionals and have major efforts at growing our own and providing loan repayment incentives to help health care professionals follow their dreams of serving their family and friends here in Nebraska.”

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How I can help your job search:

If you are a health care professional interested in living and working in Nebraska, Heidi can:

  • Answer questions you may have about current job openings across Nebraska
  • Guide you on how the National Health Service Corps works in Nebraska
  • Provide information on Nebraska-specific loan repayment programs
  • Help you navigate the J-1 Visa Waiver process in Nebraska
  • Tell you more about Nebraska’s state-specific incentives for health care professionals

Heidi is an employee of the Nebraska Office of Rural Health. She and her organization coordinate 3RNET activities in Nebraska.

Behavioral Health Resources in Nebraska

Behavioral Health Resources in Nebraska

Job search support is provided for the following behavioral health disciplines:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Substance Use Disorder Counselor
  • Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor
  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Behavioral Health Therapist
  • Clinical Mental Health Counselor
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  • Psychiatrist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Addiction Medicine Physician

Additional resources:

Incentive programs for behavioral health professionals:

Pipeline and pathway programs into behavioral health fields:

Behavioral Health Workforce Recruitment Contact in Nebraska:

Heidi Peirce
Primary Care Office Director, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Tel: 402-471-0148  

J-1 Visas in Nebraska

J-1 Visas in Nebraska

If you want to obtain a J-1 Visa Waiver in Nebraska, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Start your job search about 18 months prior to when you want to start working.
  2. Find a job at an eligible J-1 site in our state. You can search for J-1 eligible jobs on 3RNET. Start your J-1 job search in Nebraska now.
  3. Connect with the J-1 contact to ask questions and learn about additional steps you may need to take.

Nebraska has never used all of the 30 available slots. Register on 3RNET and you will be contacted directly by interested sites. 

Nebraska State 30 J-1 Visa Waiver Program Information

J-1 Visa Contact in Nebraska:

Heidi Peirce
Office of Rural Health & Primary Care
Tel: 402- 471-0148 

Health Care Employers in Nebraska

Health Care Employers in Nebraska

You'll find jobs on 3RNET from these types of health care employers in Nebraska:

  • Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs)
  • Community Health Centers (CHCs)
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)
  • Rural Health Clinics (RHCs)
  • Community Hospitals
  • Community Mental Health Centers
  • Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics
  • Community Outpatient Behavioral Health Agencies
  • Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facilities
  • State Mental Health Hospitals
  • Private Practices
  • Indian Health Service Sites
  • Tribal Health Sites
  • Correctional Facilities
  • National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment sites
  • National Health Service Corps Scholar sites
Job Resources for Nebraska

Job Resources for Nebraska

We’re here to help. 3RNET has several resources for health professionals searching for a job:

Nebraska's state-specific job resources for health care professionals:

Learn more about Nebraska:

For Nebraska Employers

For Nebraska Employers

If you’re a health care employer in Nebraska and you’d like to post your jobs on 3RNET, please fill out our employer application form which will be sent to the Nebraska Network Coordinator.

If you have specific questions about using 3RNET in Nebraska, please contact 3RNET’s Nebraska Network Coordinator, Heidi Peirce.