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Behind every successful 3RNET placement, there are dedicated people hard at work helping job seekers find their first, next or forever opportunity. 

Whether it's a health professional finding their first, next, or (we hope!) forever opportunity, we're so thrilled to play a role in a community finding a mission-minded professional. 

Read below for stories of health professionals who found their first, next, or forever opportunity through 3RNET, along with the employers who have welcomed them, and 3RNET Network Coordinators who helped make it all happen. 

This is Dr. Jasmine Usher-Ledet's Story

This is Dr. Jasmine Usher-Ledet's Story

Dr. Jasmine Usher-Ledet’s rural upbringing cultivated an admiration of the relationship family medicine doctors create with their patients. Growing up, her medical experiences were with rural doctors who knew her entire family and provided holistic care. As she trained to become a family medicine physician herself, she knew that she too wanted to provide this type of care and build relationships like the ones she had experienced as a child in Ontario, Canada.

When Jasmine applied for residency programs, she knew something small would put her on the professional path she sought. Rural programs were exactly what she was looking for. When she matched with the rural residency at Ohio State University’s rural program – she was elated! After a fantastic experience growing into the rural doc she was working to become, she moved to practicing rural medicine in Ohio.

Several years later, Dr. Usher-Ledet was ready for a new adventure. One where she could continue practicing in a rural community with an organization that understood her need for full-spectrum family care—the type of care she admired growing up and where she felt she could do the greatest good. So, she headed to 3RNET. She knew 3RNET was her best bet to find her dream job—and boy, did she find her dream job!

This is Dr. Ann Ruffo's Story

This is Dr. Ann Ruffo's Story

Dr. Ruffo was looking for an opportunity where she could succeed in the same ways she had growing up on the farm and during her time in the military: through teamwork and fostering relationships. Her diverse experience taught her there is no place she’d rather live, work, and raise her family than a rural area. 

When Dr. Ruffo registered on 3RNET, she reached out using a website feature which allowed her to tell Coal Country Community Health Center in Beulah, North Dakota she was interested in their posted position. From there, 3RNET's North Dakota Network Coordinator immediately reached out to CCCHC to let them know someone was interested.

Ann fit right in with her colleagues and, despite a snowstorm (in true North Dakota fashion) derailing a few plans during this visit, she and her husband seemed to fit right into the community, too!

This is Dr. Elizabeth Erikson’s Story

This is Dr. Elizabeth Erikson’s Story

There were several considerations for Dr. Elizabeth Erikson when contemplating the community where she’d like to establish a family medicine practice. She wanted to be a part of an organization that aligns with her goals for improving access to health care for underserved populations. Also essential was to work with those who would support her efforts focused on prevention.

Did her vision ‒ caring for multiple family members to help them improve their health together as a unit ‒ exist? And if it did, would she find the opportunity in a location that would allow her and her young family to live their best life, close to nature, the mountains, water and big skies?

Meet the 3RNET Network Coordinator who worked with the in-house recruiter in Astoria, Oregon, to find this physician whose story has a happy ending ‒ a new career in a beautiful community she and her family call home.

Dr. Rameez Chaviwala's Story

Dr. Rameez Chaviwala's Story

Rameez M. Chaviwala, MD, came to the United States to study and practice medicine from Richmond Hill in Ontario, Canada.

Upon completing his residency, Dr. Chiviwala’s colleagues encouraged him to register with 3RNET. Knowing that the non-profit organization offered him essential resources for navigating the complex J-1 Visa Waiver Program and could help him find a practice opportunity that aligned with his career goals and medical-home practice philosophy.

Meet the 3RNET Network Coordinators who worked with a health center Executive Director and Human Resources Director in Wayne County, Pennsylvania, to find Dr. Chaviwala, whose story has a happy ending ‒ a new career in a Federally Qualified Health Clinic (FQHC) located in the picturesque Northern Pocono Mountains.

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