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Bob Aronson: 2019 Moskol Award Recipient

Congratulations to our 2019 Fredric Moskol Leadership Award recipient, Bob Aronson!


Pictured above (left to right) Mike Shimmens, 3RNet Executive Director;  Fred Moskol, 3RNet Executive Director Emeritus & Moskol Award Namesake); Bob Aronson, award recipient; Joyce Grayson, 3RNet Board President; Tim Skinner, 3RNet Executive Director Emeritus.

Bob Aronson is a friend 3RNet can always turn to, and a leader in immigration law we can always count on.
Bob is known across the country for his knowledge, and across our network as someone always willing to share his expertise. He shared with us, “The one thing I’m really proud of is that I have never issued a legal opinion based on self-interest. I’m really client oriented, even if it runs against my own interest. It’s my obligation. I think people see me as an honest practitioner. I’m completely client focused: what’s best for the client, what’s allowed by the law, and let the chips fall where they may.” We couldn’t have summed up Bob better ourselves!
His “Bob Philosophy”—always help others and it will come back around—is one we see again and again: from his assistance to our PCO/3RNet members, to being a staple at our 3RNet conference, to helping at events like the ACP Internal Medicine meeting, to his willingness to be a guest speaker for a 3RNet webinar or the 3RNet Academy. The list goes on and on!
Bob shared that he feels philosophically aligned with our organization, and we couldn’t be in better company. His warmth, humor, and willingness to help embody what we hope the 3RNet culture to be.
Bob has seen 3RNet grow while growing his own practice (for 29 years) and then joining the team at Fredrikson & Byron. He came to be involved with 3RNet as sort of a coincidence. He had worked with former 3RNet Executive Director Tim Skinner while Tim was an in-house recruiter in Wisconsin (prior to joining 3RNet staff). That he has continuously been a champion for 3RNet as our organization has grown throughout the years we hope is a testament to our network, and we know it is an example of how Bob runs his professional life.
Bob also shared with us a glimpse of the great amount of change in immigration law he has witnessed throughout his career. Immigration is currently a hot topic in the legal world. Bob shared when he first sort of “fell into” immigration law, there wasn’t even an immigration course in law school. Regardless of the landscape, Bob knows how programs such as the Conrad 30 J-1 Waiver program can provide an enormous impact for rural and underserved communities.
We asked Bob what 3RNet meant to him. He said: “First of all, you’re just one receptive, fun, engaged organization. I think from the first day I walked in I felt comfortable. I give my presentations and make my crazy jokes and people laugh. Then I get down to business and people get down to business. It’s a very collegial, respectful group.”
It is our sincere hope that as the 2019 Moskol Award Recipient, as well as a dear friend of our organization, that Bob knows what he means to 3RNet as well! Thank you, Bob, for all of your dedication to immigration law, rural and underserved communities, and to our organization.