3RNET Plus Tools - Powerful. Yet Simple.


What's Included With Plus Tools?

Plus Tools is built by 3RNET with rural and underserved employers in mind. We set out to provide lots of features for one low cost. So you can choose what works best for your needs, without breaking the bank.

We’ve been teaching recruitment for retention best practices since 1995. Now we have tools to help you accomplish the tasks you know you should – simply and practically. 

Key Features

  • Gain access to My Professionals’ Tracking System, the centralized dashboard that tracks all your interactions with your health professionals.
  • My Professionals’ Tracking System allows you to streamline all of your potential candidates both from 3RNET and from external sources in one place.
  • Keep your jobs updated in one spot with the embeddable job feed. Jobs are automatically updated on your website as well as on 3RNET.org.
  • Streamline the application process with embeddable job applicant forms. Candidate submissions are automatically populated within your My Professionals’ Tracking System dashboard.
  • Set up reminders to follow-up with your job candidates.
  • No HTML coding or other tech abilities are necessary.

My Professionals Candidate Tracking Key Features

  • Access a centralized hub allowing you to track interactions with all your health professionals
  • Store potential candidates from both 3RNET and from external sources all in one place
  • Setup candidate tracking to your fit your needs: Contact method, status, obligation types, and source
  • Setup reminders to follow up with your health professionals
  • Attach files to each individual health professionals for quick reference
  • Quickly and easily save 3RNET referrals for longer than the standard 7 days

Email Templates Key Features

  • Create custom, reusable email templates that can quickly be sent to health professionals
  • You may not be a big facility, but you can look like it through your communication. 
  • Match and track when emails are sent out, so you have a record of who you emailed, and when
  • If you’ve got 10 different candidates you want to connect with for three different job opportunities, you can easily send multiple emails to several people and track these communications at the same time. 
    Dynamically insert jobs into a template and use tags to customize your communication with just a few simple clicks.
  • Never send incorrect job details or misspell a candidate’s name again. A few clicks and the system brings these pieces together for you. 
  • Send to individuals or batch addresses for customizable email blasts.
  • Copy and paste email templates using your organization's email address giving you more control and adding a personal touch to your communication with candidates.
  • Benefit from experts working to help you increase your ‘open’ rates and stand out from other employers.

Website Connectivity Key Features

  • Jobs posted or edited within the My Professionals dashboard are automatically updated on your website as well as 3RNET.org. You don’t have time to waste adding jobs to multiple websites.  
  • No coding required. It's as simple as copy and paste. HTML? Embed? Not your language? Us, either. A touch of the button is all it takes to turn on your tech savvy here, folks. If you’re not comfortable with copy and paste, we’ll walk you through that, too. And we promise, it’s easy.
  • Choose the style and layout to fit your website. Health professionals can search and view opportunities multiple ways.
  • Use the embeddable candidate interest form on your website. Information collected is immediately available within your My Professionals dashboard. Does your current application process include someone printing, scanning, and emailing you an application? Or a cumbersome system that’s perhaps better suited for internal HR needs? Bring your website’s recruitment needs up to speed.
  • Receive an email alert anytime some fills out your intake form. This easy to complete registration form takes just a minute or two and allows a CV/resume to be attached.
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